Deck the halls

Now that it is officially acceptable to talk about all things Christmas, I’m going to share some of my traditions.

Last year was my first year not living with my parents for the holidays. I bought my own tree, garland, ornaments and Christmas-themed decor. It was fun to decorate my place with my own style. When I lived at home, my mom would put the tree up when she had time, and that usually happened before Thanksgiving. I like to celebrate one holiday at a time, so last year I made it a tradition to wait until Friday night after Thanksgiving to put up my tree. This way, I can enjoy it and not feel like I’m cheating Thanksgiving.

When I was growing up, my family would bake cookies together and then freeze them. When Christmas rolled around, we’d enjoy frozen cookies. I still prefer my Christmas cookies frozen. There’s just something sentimental about it.

Another family tradition we started a couple years back was to get together with my immediate family on Christmas Eve (or another day before Christmas if there is conflicting schedules) and exchange gifts. It’s nice to be with family when it’s not so hectic and just enjoy seeing the reactions on family members’ faces when they open their presents. It’s a nice, quiet, cozy time with family, and I enjoy it more than I realized. I think just being with family means more than the presents.

Before my great grandpa passed away, the whole family would head to his house on Christmas Eve to celebrate together. After his passing, my grandma and grandpa took over duties, and we now head to their house on Christmas Eve. It’s always a good time, and we always have a laugh when one of my cousins opens a pair of PJs and then everyone else gets the same gift. Good old grandma with her uniform gifts!

Those are just some of my holiday traditions. What are yours?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for so many things: Austin, my family, my friends, my career, my apartment, my car, my sense of humor, my creative ability, Netflix, lipstick, the fact that I live in a free country, my adventurous personality and the list goes on.

Today is a great day to think about what your thankful for. I hope you have a wonderful day giving thanks!

My first massage

With all of the stress I put my self under, it’s a wonder I waited until I was 24 years old to get my first massage.

Last weekend the day of my massage appointment finally arrived, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I was nervous about tons of stuff beforehand—taking off too much clothing, awkward silence or talking too much, falling asleep on the table, drooling, being too nervous to tell the massage therapist that the pressure was too much, etc.—but once I laid down on the table, all my worries washed away.

My massage therapist was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable, and she was very knowledgeable about pretty much everything. And she understood perfectly when I was ticklish or the pressure was too much.


After the whole experience, I’ll say this: I shouldn’t have waited this long to get a massage. I will now be getting a monthly massage—not only because I need it but because it made me feel so refreshed.

During my massage, I learned that I have many trigger points—bundles of muscles that have tightened. This is probably because of the way I sit at work and the fact that I carry a bag on my shoulder every day to work. My monthly massage should help work out the tightness, and I couldn’t be happier.

If you’ve never had a massage and you’re thinking about getting one: GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it!

Am I Too Old For This … Tiny Desk


Am I Too Old For This: Using a tiny desk and folder filing system?

I’ve been storing all of my important paperwork in this tiny desk and folder filing system. I want to get a filing cabinet, but my apartment’s size doesn’t really allow for a nice size filing cabinet. So I’ve had to settle for this tiny black folder filing system. For now, it holds what I need, but it’s getting full.

So the question is: Am I too old to be filing important paperwork in a small folder?

How Often Should I …

After the thought of having a weekly post asking “Am I Too Old,” I thought it would be fun to answer the “How Often Should I” question. This likely won’t be a weekly post, but it will pop up from time to time.

It could feature things such as “How often should I change my sheets?” or “How often should I get a new toothbrush?” to other questions such as “How often should I dust my blinds?” or “How often should I change my home decor?”

I’m thinking it’s going to be along the lines of cleaning and home products, but it could morph into something else.

So this time around, the question I’m going to answer is:

How often should I change my sheets?

We’ve all been there: In our 20s, dating this super cute guy. Things start to get a little more serious and you see his bedroom, his sheets in particular. And you see that they’re messy and you start to wonder when he washed them last. Gross, right?!

When I lived at home and my sweet mother took care of everything, I never even noticed when my sheets were cleaned. Now that I’m out on my own, it’s just one more thing tacked on the weekly chore list.

Yes, I said it—weekly! Think about how much time you spend in your bed on average per week. Seven to eight hours a night on weeknights, give or take a few hours, and usually more on the weekends. That averages to about 52.5 hours. That’s a long time to be laying there. And for those of you who shower in the morning, you’re basically sleeping in your own filth.

So here’s the PSA for the day: Wash your sheets once a week. (If you shower at night, you probably would be fine if you let it slide for a week.)

Evening mood

Sometimes, the best evenings are spent working on personal projects.

I posted this recently on my Instagram. Occasionally, I’ll post something on Instagram as well as on here. If you want to see more glimpses into my life, follow my Instagram. In the meantime, make sure to check my blog daily for new posts.

Baby talk

It’s almost the end of 2015 and I feel like people still feel that as soon as a couple gets married it’s acceptable to ask them when they’re going to have children.

I thought by now the general population would understand that couples don’t necessarily get married just so they can start making babies. And some couples choose not to have babies. That doesn’t mean they’re bad people or that their lives aren’t whole. They’re just doing what is right for them.

On the other end of the spectrum are the people who desperately want children and can’t have them or suffer many miscarriages.

It’s a tough line to cross if you bring up “baby talk.” I think your safest bet is to not bring up the topic. If it comes up in conversation, feel free to voice your opinion but be aware of other people’s feelings. You never know when you could be standing by a woman (or partner of said woman) who just miscarried.

The older I get, the more I’m around women who have children, women who have had miscarriages, women who have had abortions, women who have had fertility issues, women who chose not to have children, women who adopted … and the list goes on with a bunch of other scenarios.

My point is this: Be courteous of other’s feelings. And never ever expect that a woman is supposed to have a child to feel whole.