Just a little lost

IMG_0302_2So I gave my blog a makeover, but I’m still not sure of the direction I want to take this blog. It’s clear that I’m not focused, and that goes to show with the lack of posts. I officially have wifi again, so I essentially can post whenever I would like. I just need to focus on a single topic (or a few) instead of being all over the place. I’ve thought about nutrition, relationships, beauty, home décor and some others, but I don’t feel like an expert on any of them. And I worry I wouldn’t have the right expertise (and photo skills) to cover these topics. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. In the time being, I will try to focus on what the topic of my blog will be and how often I will plan to post. Until then, enjoy the new look and be sure to check out my newly updated photography page.

New beginnings

IMG_0875_2 copy

As you may have guessed, I moved out. I finally found a place that’s perfect. I moved in August 22, and I’ve been loving the freedom of living on my own. I still don’t have wifi at my townhouse, so I’m at my parent’s house to update. I will be getting wifi when my man moves in, which will be in the middle of October. I can’t wait! Hopefully then I’ll be able to blog more often! Until then, enjoy!

Small space organization

So I’m almost positive that I’ve found “the” place. Although I wanted to rent a house, the place I found is a townhouse. So it’s not exactly a house, but the space is ideal. There are two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living space, kitchen, dining room and multiple closets throughout. I’m used to living in a pretty big house, so adjusting to a smaller place is going to be a bit difficult. I’ve already started looking for ways to save space (see above photo I found on pinterest). I think I’ve got some good ideas up my sleeve. Wish me luck! And if I’m MIA for a bit, it’s because I got the place and I’m in the process of moving.


Front door nooks


I went to look at a house to rent this weekend, and right inside the door was a cute little nook with a seat and coat hooks. I absolutely fell in love. I love the cuteness and usability of it. I love when little things like that can be so useful. I imagine (if we get the place) that I would use the nook to hold coats, hoodies and umbrellas, etc. Here are some that I hope to have in my dream home some day! (All photos were found on pinterest.)

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Pittsburgh trip


Yesterday, my boyfriend and I headed to Pittsburgh to see Chris D’Elia perform a comedy show at Pittsburgh Improv. We walked around the city, had some beers and dinner at Fat Head’s while watching a golf tournament. Then we did some shopping, picked up some magazines for me, looked at golf gear for him, and then we headed to the show.

It was awesome! We both listen to Chris’ podcast, so we were pumped to meet him after the show. We got a quick pic with him and then we headed back to Ohio. It was a perfect way to celebrate our six months (technically it was July 21, but hey, we’re busy people). We’d go see him again in a heartbeat. Hilarious!

Weird thoughts

Every now and then, I get in really weird moods. Tonight was one of those nights. As I drove home from work, I saw a car off the side of the road, literally off the road and at an angle on a hill. It looked as though it may have been hit, but I don’t know the whole situation. What I do know is that there was a state highway patrol checking things out. He was walking away from the car.

Anyways, to my point, it got me thinking. Officers, such as that one, don’t know exactly what they’re getting into when they come upon a scene like that. Their lives must be stressful and full of fear and mystery. Along with that, they must feel as though their job is rewarding when they help people. It must be a sense if accomplishment.

Some days, I fear that I’m not doing enough to help society and other people. It’s hard to have feelings like this especially since I love my job. Maybe I need to volunteer and donate more. Just some thoughts! I had much more on my mind, but I could ramble on for days. Maybe I’ll explain in another post.