When it hits you …

July 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

As I stood in line at the grocery store earlier today and the elderly couple in front of me referred to me as a lady (as opposed to a girl), it hit: I’m an adult. No longer can I get away with things because “I’m young.” I feel like life is passing me by. When did I become an adult? Soon I hope to move out and be even more independent. That will be the day that I really feel like a grown up. It’s crazy how moments like that just hit you, and you realize you’ve experienced a lot and you’re not just a kid anymore.

My favorite candle scents

July 21, 2014 § Leave a comment


I absolutely love candles. Although I don’t get to burn candles as much as I’d like, I still love when I do get to burn them. I love a lot of scents, but these two are my favorite. Other Chicago Candle Co. makes this Kentucky Bourbon candle that smells amazing, and as usual, Bath and Body Works tops the list with its Leaves scented candle. Both are amazing!

What I’m listening to

July 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

As unusual as this might sound, I’ve been listening to podcasts. I always thought that they were just another platform for boring news. Think again! Not all podcasts are boring. I’ve found a couple that I really enjoy listening to. One in particular is the Ten Minute Podcast. I have to warn you, though. It is a bit raunchy, and the humor is kinda kinky. It’s not for everyone, and it definitely sways to a male audience. But I think it’s hilarious!

I have some other podcasts that I enjoy, and I’ll go in more depth about them in another post. What podcasts do you recommend?

Breezy weather and sports fandom

July 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

IMG_0200_2 2

The past couple days have been a little cooler than normal. These cooler temps have been making me think about fall and football! I’m excited for football season! I know it’s still a little ways away so I’ll just have to settle for golf and baseball for now. Speaking of which, I watched some golf on TV the other day. Who knew golf could actually be fun to watch on TV? Well it was quite interesting. I guess that’s what having an open mind to try new things will do for you. Anyways, let’s hope this year that the Browns have a good year. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it to one of their games as I did last year, but I know I’ll be watching plenty!IMG_0203_2 2


Plant love

July 13, 2014 § Leave a comment


Lately I’ve really wanted to get some indoor plants. I found some inspiration from designspiration.net.



Money and budgets

July 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’ve always been pretty good with saving my money, but recently I decided it was time to really grow up and set a budget for myself. Since I’ve been working full-time, I definitely have been spending more money than I used to. And last year after calling off the engagement, I went a little crazy with my retail therapy. Not too crazy, but I was spending a lot more than I did all through college.

To get to my point, I decided it was time to be in control of my money once again. I had been talking about it since mid-April. With the big trip to Chicago, I decided to wait until I returned to set a definitive budget.

I sat down with my mom and figured out how much I’d be paying out each month in multiple categories (i.e. Car payment, insurance, rent, groceries, gas, etc.). I then made an envelope for each category and labeled it with the amount I would put in it per pay. (I get paid every two weeks so I took the amount per month and divided it by two.) I now pay mostly with cash and any of the leftover money I have I use on the extra fun things.

Using this system has helped me so much. What really motivated me was buying a new car. I knew I’d need to be responsible with my money if I wanted to get a new car. Since I adapted to this system, I have felt that I have more money. It’s crazy how organization can do that. And making a grocery list helps too (instead of aimlessly walking through the expensive grocery store multiple times a week while hungry)!

My secrets to beautiful hair

July 9, 2014 § 1 Comment

Growing up, I hated my hair. I swear I had a bad hair day more often than not. Last year, I decided it was time to start loving my hair. Instead of hating my hair and treating it badly, I decided to keep it healthy and care for it more. I stopped blow drying it completely and started using more conditioning products. Now it’s my routine. Lately, I’ve been using Joico moisture recovery shampoo and conditioner. Following that, I slightly towel dry my hair without rubbing it. I then comb it out with a detangling comb. After combing, I spray it with leave-in conditioner and then blow dry it half way so that it’s just damp and not sopping wet. I usually wash and dry my hair at night is it’s dry by morning. I then straighten it and finish with a smoothing serum.

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